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The best dairy free chocolate! iChoc review

The best dairy free chocolate! iChoc review

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The best dairy free chocolate! iChoc review

Dairy free chocolate may not be hard to come by anymore, but really good stuff is a little harder to find. At the moment, I’d say iChoc are some of the best vegan chocolate bars around.

On a recent visit to Bavaria, I was surprised to find that Germany and Switzerland seem to be leaders in the vegan chocolate field. I attribute this more than anything to these particular countries having a higher standard for chocolate in general and a willingness to combine it with hazelnuts. If there were ever a more heavenly combination of flavours the I’m yet to find it.

iChoc chocolate bars

Of course, the issue with going on holiday and experiencing all the wonders of another country is having to come home again. Since I’m cheap, I only ever bring hand luggage meaning that I’m limited to stuffing whatever chocolate I can find into one tiny corner of my luggage and then inevitably scoffing it as soon as I enter the front door.

Luckily some of the best vegan chocolate I had, iChoc, is somewhat available in the UK (they even sell the white bar in my local Co-op). If you go on Amazon you can buy five flavours for £13, a price I will happily pay.  Smooth, creamy, and milky! Sign me up!

Anyway, let’s get down to the business of reviewing these bad boys (I wish I hadn’t typed that)….

White Vanilla

iChoc vanilla white bar in packetiChoc vanilla white barChoc vanilla white bar close up

Taste – Like the name suggests the vanilla flavour in this bar is very prominent, you can even see the specks of vanilla bean. It’s the level of sweetness you’d expect from a white bar but the vanilla makes it more reminiscent of a vanilla milkshake than a true white chocolate. Which, to be honest, I prefer.

Texture – It melts easily on the tongue which isn’t something that all dairy free chocolate can boast. The only issue is a slight chalkiness when the chocolate has melted making it not quite as smooth as the other bars.

Overall – a really nice white dairy free chocolate with a strong taste of vanilla.

Super nut

iChoc super nut bar in packetiChoc super nut bariChoc super nut bar close up

Taste – This chocolate includes the holiest of unions: hazelnut and chocolate. The milk chocolate is creamy and sweet, going perfectly with the roasted hazelnuts.

Texture – Really creamy and melty for a bar that doesn’t contain any dairy. I usually find vegan chocolate doesn’t really melt that well on the tongue, but no problems here. There are some good sized chunks of hazelnut as well which adds a good nutty crunch.

Overall – if you love Nutella then this is the perfect bar for you and probably my favourite of the lot.

Choco Cookie

iChoc cookie bar in packet iChoc cookie bar close up

Taste – This is a milk chocolate bar with chocolate biscuit pieces dispersed throughout. The chocolate is the same delicious milks chocolate but the biscuit is a bit darker and has a slightly bitter cocoa flavour which complements the chocolate well.

Texture –  Smooth melty chocolate which crisp biscuit pieces. The biscuit pieces have an Oreo-like texture and are a good crunchy contrast to the chocolate.

Overall – A great choice for people who like crunchy textures and chocolate that’s a bit less sweet.

White Nougat Crisp

iChoc white nougat crisp bar in packetiChoc white nougat crisp bariChoc white nougat crisp bar close up

Taste – This really tastes like a hazelnut praline bar, small caramelised bits of hazelnut in white chocolate which makes it quite sweet but extremely moreish. To be honest it’s quite heavenly. If you’ve ever tried hazelnut milk, I’d say this is that drink in solid form.

Texture – The tiny caramel bits do make the bar a little crisp, this is also the bar with the meltiest chocolate (it’s kind of hard not to describe every bar as smooth and melty, because they mostly all are!)

Overall – Hazelnut praline amazingness, if you like hazelnut flavoured things then this is for you. It is quite a different taste to the Super Nut because of the white chocolate.

Almond Orange

iChoc orange and almond bar in packetiChoc orange and almond bariChoc orange and almond bar close up

Taste – Sweet milk chocolate with candied orange and almond pieces. The orange flavour is quite strong and is very reminiscent of a chocolate orange (but with better quality chocolate). I’d say the almond flavour is lost since it’s not a particularly strong flavour anyway, especially when competing with the orange and milk chocolate.

Texture – The candied orange adds a chew which is contrasted by the almond crunch and the smoothness of the chocolate making it a bit of a journey.

Overall – great for Terry’s Chocolate Orange lovers but with more of an interesting texture. My least favourite, but that’s only because chocolate and orange isn’t to my taste.

In the end…

These are some of the best dairy free chocolate bars on the market in my opinion. I’ve yet to find anything so creamy and melty (okay, one other brand but I can’t find it in the UK =( ) anywhere else. The variety of flavours is also great and gives you a lot of choice. I recommend buying all of them here! The delivery was quick and they arrived undamaged for the most part.

Read my review of Go Max Go vegan chocolate bars to find out about some more great dairy free chocolate.

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