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Yorica! Soho review – cute dairy free ice cream shop in London

Yorica! Soho review – cute dairy free ice cream shop in London

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If you’re out in central London looking for a way to calm your dairy free ice cream cravings, look no further than Yorica! Soho!

Yorica! specialises in completely free from ice cream. That means:

  • Free from dairy
  • Free from nuts
  • Free from gluten
  • Free from eggs
  • Free from animal products

Pretty great, right!

So what’s on offer? A collection of delicious ice creams, frozen yoghurts, shakes, waffles and crepes. You can find out all about their range of flavours here on their website.

Fro yo at yorica!
Holding my fro yo up like this gave me serious Lion King vibes… Any who, all the amazing photos in this post were taken by my friend and photographer Izzii Elliot, click here to see more of her photos.


I go to Yorica! pretty much any time I’m near Soho. It’s just so nice to be able to eat everything off the menu. Although I do have a confession to make; I have tried the ice cream when a friend ordered it, but I can never bring myself to order anything else except the frozen yoghurt. I always get the same flavours as well; raspberry and matcha.  It’s just so delicious, and they go so well together.

Plus when you order a classic fro yo you can get two flavours swirled together, it’s pretty hard to resist!

Yorica! happy days wall
Yorica! is full of Instagram friendly places to snap. This happy days wall pretty much describes my mood on entering this place. There’s nothing better than ice cream, I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise! As you can tell by my clothes it was pretty damn cold when we went and I still wanted ice cream, thus proving my point.

The shop itself is pretty small and doesn’t have too much seating, but there is a park about a 3 minute walk away where you can people-watch while eating.

There are a few different toppings to choose from when you order your ice cream, although these are a few extra pence each. You can get fresh fruit, veggie gummies, chocolate chips, sauces, and lots of other fun stuff. Yorica! also offers free sprinkles from dispensers in the seating area so you can make your ice cream look extra cute.

Yorica! toppings bar
There are plenty of free from friendly toppings to choose from all around 65p each. Don’t miss the free sprinkles!

Yorica dairy free frozen yoghurt review

What is it? – The frozen yoghurt is the first free from frozen yoghurt I’ve tried. Its coconut yoghurt based, so be warned that if you’re allergic to coconut this is not the place for you. They offer four flavours of fro yo: chocolate, matcha, vanilla, or raspberry.

You can get all four flavours swirled together if you get the epic size, three flavours if you get the big, and two if you get the classic. The classic is definitely enough for one, I’ve shared it a few times and haven’t felt short changed.

Value for money? – I wouldn’t exactly call Yorica! cheap, the classic size is £3.95, big is £4.95, and Epic is £6.25. Saying that, they don’t skimp on the amount they give you. The classic is pretty filling, you can also add free sprinkles so that’s a plus. Considering that it is good quality and an occasional treat, I wouldn’t call this too expensive. Plus it is Central London, nothing’s cheap here. 3.5/5

Yorica! Matcha and raspberry fro yo
My favourite combo and go to fro yo flavours at Yorica!: Matcha and raspberry. They go so well together, the raspberry is fruity and tangy, while the Matcha is earthy and slightly bitter, yum! They also do chocolate and vanilla flavours, so don’t worry if this combo isn’t your thing. This is the classic size, I’d say it was a fair amount for the price.


Appearance – A perfect swirl of frozen yoghurt. Super cute once you add the sprinkles, but perfectly Instagramable either way. The tubs here are super cute with a swirly pattern echoing the flavour swirl. Definitely a looker. 5/5

Texture – Everything you want from a frozen yoghurt: creamy, thick, smooth, very spoon-able(?). It’s comparable to a thick soft serve ice cream. I was actually really surprised about how smooth they managed to get this considering some dairy free ice cream can be a bit icy. 5/5



writing in the dairy free diary
Whenever I’m thinking about writing a blog post I take my diary with me and write down all the tasting notes and vibes I get from the place. It’s where I write down all my recipes and other food reviews too.


Taste – There’s quite a strong coconut flavour, even with relatively dominant flavours like raspberry. If you don’t like coconut this isn’t for you. Saying that, I don’t tend to buy dairy free ice cream with a coconut base because I’m not keen on an over-whelming coconut flavour, but I find this fro yo addictive, so I’d recommend giving it a try anyway.

I got raspberry and matcha (again). The raspberry flavour has a lovely tang and you can tell that the raspberries they used were fresh and natural rather than an artificial flavour. The matcha has a grassy earthiness that may not be to everyone’s taste. In fact, I was sceptical about it the first time but now I can’t get enough. Both flavour go together really well, definitely the flavour combination I’d go for. 4/5

Overall – 17.5/20 – You need to check this place out if you’re in Soho. It may be a little pricey but it’s totally worth it with the quality of the frozen yoghurt.

Is it worth visiting?

If I haven’t made it clear already, I love this place. Yorica! has loads of choice and everything is dairy free. Everything they sell is made to a high quality. Go, now! (or don’t…it’s up to you)



Yorica! ice cream selection
Even when the weather is cold there’s a bit of a queue, this is about as close as we could get to the ice cream.



A big thank you to my friend Izzii Elliot who did all the photos for this post. Follow her on Instagram.

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