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Dairy free chocolate spreads review

Dairy free chocolate spreads review

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I miss Nutella! It doesn’t help that I see it all over Instagram, in doughnuts, in milkshakes, in cakes, in bathtubs (yep, that popped up on my Facebook one day). Of course, like all the best things, it had to contain milk powder. Luckily enough there are some really good dairy free chocolate spread alternatives; it’s just finding the really good ones which is an issue.

I’ve spent a good fiver on some jars and been pretty miffed at the results. I’ve also found some for as little as £2 that actually tasted pretty great. Yet, I always seem to forget which ones I’ve tried and which ones I liked.

So here’s the plan, every time I come across a new dairy free chocolate spread I will:

  • Buy it
  • Try it
  • Review it
  • Update this post

Not only will I remember which ones are worthwhile and save myself some hard-earned cash, I can also help my fellow dairy-challenged chums and everyone’s happy.

I will rate this out of 5 on four categories: appearance, smell, taste, and texture. These will add up to a rating out of twenty. You can also just choose which category is most important to you and see how well each spread rates there to determine if you actually want to buy it.

Voila, my life is now imbued with meaning. So here goes…


So Free: Alternative to Milk Chocolate Spread review

Allergens: Soya

Vegan? Yes!

So Free Chocolate spread
£2.50 per jar is kind of expected but I really don’t think this spread was particularly worth it.

I’ve seen the So Free brand around a lot on social media but never had a chance to try it. I’m guessing that’s because the company is yet to catch on in the UK. Anyway I saw this spread on a recent whole foods splurge and decided to give it a go.

It was around £2.50 as far as I can remember; which is the kind of price I’d expect to pay for chocolate spread. Since I’d seen the brand everywhere, I was keen to try it…but now I kind of want my £2.50 back….

Appearance – The spread doesn’t appear smooth; instead it has these weird clumps, like when someone gets toast crumbs in the jar. In terms of colour, it has a Dairy Milk shade of milk chocolate, so they got that right. 2.5/5

So Free on toast
He it is on some toast. As you can see, there are some weird clumps in there that melt away after a little bit.

Smell – It doesn’t smell of much really, just soya and sweetness. 3/5

Taste – This is a soya based spread, which I worked out without looking at the ingredient because soya is about all I taste. When I was really searching for it, I could taste a bit of cocoa, but I really had to search. This lack of chocolate flavour is especially apparent when you try the spread with toast, because all you taste then is toast and soya. It’s very sweet as well, which isn’t a bad thing with chocolate spread, but this just tasted of sweet soya milk. 2/5

Texture – Again, there are these strange lumps that melt away when they hit your tongue. This isn’t exactly unpleasant, but it does make you wonder what they are. The mouth-feel is really nice once the lumps melt away; it coats the mouth nicely and melts easily on toast. 4/5

Overall: 11.5/20 – It’s not great. Why use soya as a base for a chocolate product? It always overpowers any chocolate flavour and leaves you with the taste of disappointment. I’m not a fan, but if you’d like to try it yourself then you can buy it here.


Nature’s Store: Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread review

Allergens: Hazelnuts (made in a factory that uses milk, soy and nuts, but doesn’t actually contain milk)

Vegan? Yes as far as I can see, but you may want to just check to make sure.


Nature's Store chocolate spread
This was a solid jar of hazelnut and cocoa spread. Would definitely recommend to any Nutella fan out there.

I found this in the free from section in Tesco. I’m actually pretty sure I’d tried this one before and liked it but was a bit thrown off by it only advertising itself as gluten free (call me ignorant but aren’t most chocolate spreads gluten free?) . On close inspection of the ingredients I gave it the all-clear on the dairy front. This was also only £2.25.

Appearance – Smooth, glossy, and a good spreadable consistency. A similar colour to Nutella (which I’m guessing is what they were going for). 4.5/5

Nature's Store on toast
Here it is on toast in all its glossy, smooth, chocolaty glory.

Smell – Immediately hit me as I opened the jar and I wasn’t standing particularly close to it either. Very sweet and hazelnutty, a little hint of chocolate as well. 4/5

Taste – More hazelnut than chocolate and very sweet. I can forgive the sweetness because you’re supposed to spread a small amount of this on toast rather than eat it by the spoonful (I say supposed to because we all know the latter is what we all actually do). It tastes a lot like I remember Nutella tasting, very sweet, a hint of chocolate, and lots of hazelnut. It’s pretty much addictive. 4/5

Texture – Smooth, melty, and coats the mouth really well. It’s exactly what you want from chocolate spread. 5/5

Overall: 17.5/20 – a great alternative to Nutella; super sweet and hazelnutty. Maybe not for you if you’d prefer just pure chocolate flavour spread but I love it. Buy it here.


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