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Dairy free chocolate review: Go Max Go bars

Dairy free chocolate review: Go Max Go bars

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I. Love. Chocolate. Especially all the chocolate that I shouldn’t eat because my stomach hates me. Let’s face it, dairy free chocolate doesn’t always hit the spot. Most vegan chocolate is plain old dark, milk, or white chocolate and not particularly great quality if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

This is better than nothing but I still crave the chewy caramel and fluffy nougat of my childhood.

That is until I discovered the American company Go Max Go. They have a number of vegan dupes for popular commercial chocolates. Think vegan Peanut Butter Cup, Butterfinger, Mars Bars, Snickers and more.

Unfortunately, these aren’t widely available over here. Some websites, such as vegantuckbox.co.uk, sell them but I’d never seen them on the shelves. So you can only imagined how thrilled I was when I found them in a wholefoods shop on a chance visit to Canterbury. I loaded up my basket and spent a bit of a fortune in that shop (I bought other goodies too) but it was well worth it.

I thought it would be a good chance to give their chocolate a bit of a review and build some awareness of some other dairy free chocolate options. Without further ado:

Cleo’s (peanut butter cups)

Cleo's bar Cleo's cross section

These had to be my favourite of the bunch. They’re actually way better than I remember Reese’s peanut butter cups being, better quality at least.

  • The good stuff: Super smooth and slightly salty peanut butter wrapped in sweet dairy free milk chocolate. The contrast of the salty and sweet was on point. The textural difference between the melty chocolate and the slightly claggy peanut butter also hit the spot.
  • The not so good stuff: The chocolate was very sweet and didn’t really have a strong chocolate flavour. To be honest, this is probably pretty true to the original, so I don’t think it’s a big problem.

4.5/5 – would definitely buy again and recommend to anyone who loved Peanut Butter cups.

Thumbs Up (vegan Butterfinger)

Thumbs up bar

Since we don’t really get Butterfinger chocolate bars here in the UK I had never tried one. That made it was a bit hard to judge how close this is to the original. Despite that it was probably second favourite of the bars I tried.

  • The good stuff: A strong peanut butter flavour en-robed in melty chocolate. This bar also had a great balance of salty and sweet. I liked that on close inspection you could see the layers of peanut butter folded into the caramel.
  • The not so good stuff: Again the chocolate was really sweet and not all that chocolaty, so it couldn’t compete with the peanut butter and got completely overwhelmed. The caramel also really sticks in your teeth and takes ages to get out.

4/5 – A great vegan chocolate bar with some exciting textures and flavours.

Twilight (vegan Mars Bar)

Twilight bar Twilight bar cross section

This is basically what we consider a Mars Bar in the UK but in the USA this is a Milky Way if I’m not mistaken. This is fairly confusing because what we consider a Milky Way is actually called a Three Musketeers across the Atlantic (some chocolate trivia there).

  • The good stuff: A layer of soft caramel over harder chewier chocolate nougat, all covered in ‘milk’ chocolate. I was really impressed by the texture they managed to get with the caramel, it was slightly grainier than a dairy caramel, but closer than any other vegan alternative that I’ve tried. The same goes for the nougat which had a great chew and a nice malty flavour.
  • The not so good stuff: While I was impressed by the caramel, there was also a soya flavour which I wasn’t so keen on. Since it was based on the Mars Bar, it was always destined to be overly sweet and lacking in contrasting textures so I’m not sure it’s something you could really fault this vegan version for.

3.5/5 – loses marks for the strong soya flavour, but a great vegan dupe for a Mars Bar.

Jokerz (vegan Snickers)

Jokerz bar Jokerz bar cross section

Snickers used to be one of my favourite chocolate bars, so this bar had a lot to live up to. It didn’t exactly taste like a Snickers bar, but it was as close as I imagine we’ll get in the near future.

  • The good stuff: Lotttts of peanuts, this thing is stuffed to the brim with them. It also had soft caramel and chewy peanutty nougat like the original. There’s a nice textural sensation with the chewy elements and the roasted peanuts. More of a naturally peanut flavour than the Snickers I remember.
  • The not so good stuff: Unlike the other two peanut based bars there wasn’t any saltiness to offset the sweetness which I think is something it could have used.

4/5 – Loaded with peanuts and caramel. The closest thing to a vegan Snickers.


Overall, these bars a well worth a try if you’re looking for a nostalgic sugary hit. If you see them make sure to buy a few because they are not easily found in the UK at least.

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